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Beta 40

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Since this was such an epic game, and I had an epitaph laying around, I thought I should share.
Mind you, this is from Tib LC point of view, everyone will have their own memories of this game, but there are plenty of facts in the story that you can use to keep the exaggerating old men on the couch in their place with :mrgreen:


Thanks everyone for playing in this beta!
I'm writing this early, without knowing who won the game. The bombing race is on!
Whatever the outcome, I hope you had FUN!

It's been a wild ride, we started with poor activity, but it picked up as we got more into the game. We had to resort to some unusual tactics, and others hated us for it. Then we got a blow in CW where we lost Clemsonroll, who unfortunately gave up playing. I think we proved him wrong. Activity picked up again.

Krils made a smart move by switching to bombers and buying a gate to SC, surprising everyone. They got heavy resistance there by BorJax NAP, and did not manage to kill Ajaxus. But then they bought another gate to Boraxus and managed to blow it up. Jax picked up bombers after Kril example, we went for fighters instead. When Jax were bombing in PK with Krils defending, we bought a gate and jumped to MH. Got some good kills, but the original plan to continue to PK and join the mayhem had to be cancelled when the Jax left. Meanwhile Tsuliwäensis had totally ignored the plans and went on a scrap run by herself. For which we cannot thank her enough, because a few ticks later we urgently needed to jump home, but were stuck in the OR on the wrong side of the galaxy. Thanks to her scrap run we could buy a gate home, kick out the Jax, and save our planet.

Some of us went on a little excursion to RSC where some bors were giving away points, but that got us in a bit of trouble when Krils were in Roids all of a sudden. After taking the NSA route to Garen, Jax were sitting there, and we got stuck. We lost Fair-o, and others (including me) wasted a lot of moves to get back home safely.

Krils came to Tibrar and we did not even manage to kill one of them. We converted to bombers and went to PK to see if we could kill it. If we had just barged in we could not have done it. Calculations showed we would be able to bomb around 70K before we all died, but only if all our bombers got there at the same time. So we lingered around waiting a day for the last of us to gather up, and for the jax to join. Then decided to go for it in euro night without the jax b/c they took too long, avoiding SS because that was red, instead have everyone set AP through roids and Dreadlar. That did not seem such a good idea when krils went to roids, and Pheqes accidentally jumped to roids so they were staying there. But it was too late to change plans. Pheqes got invul on his first pickup, and we lucked out once more when Krils jumped to MoK while we crossjumped to roids, and got an epic clean crossjump. Textbook! Kril carrier had sleep tick in MoK so we got a head start to PK, but Krils bought an instant ticket back home, so our head start was gone. PK was at 36K which was more than expected, and we estimated they had around 40K scrap stored. We needed help. Jax joined us 2 ticks later, and helped us bomb PK, even though we took all the damage. And as it turned out we could not have done it without them. Krils kept adding scrap to PK, 52K in total. BabyMB got the kill on PK just before L2T could add another 5K scrap to the planet. Just before that Krils killed the Jax carrier with 4 inside. We ended up shooting 84K off PK together with jax... that is a whole planet and then some!

Then it became a bombing race, though all we had left were lower level bombers, the rest got killed by the Krils or by the blast in PK. Except for Hero who finally managed cruiser points and was the first to arrive in Ajaxus. And boy did we need his cruiser! Jax still had high level bombers but they were kind of inactive, so we outbombed them the first ticks. Krils came to Tibrar after having repped up a bit, we were not sure what their intentions were. On the bright side they killed jax bombers, on the downside those dead jax reappeared in Ajaxus shooting us, and Krils did some bombing too. Oh well, that's what you get for destroying a HW and not the legion.

So here we are then, at the end of the game. Looks like all those dead jax leveled up and managed to kill Hero's cruiser now. We're within 10K of killing Ajaxus but just running short. Oh well. I think we got everything out of this game that was in it for us :-)

Thanks very much for playing this game, for staying active, for criticising, for giving inputs, and for making moves even when you maybe did not really have time for it. Special thanks to all the VC's for helping out, it would not have been possible without your help! And thanks to the stubborn players who made their own decisions that turned out to be of pivotal importance to us afterwards. This has been a real team effort.

Hope to see you again next game. Probably using another alias to avoid being elected LC :-D

iceblink / Doppelganger
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