Testing frantic / beta discussion thread

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Re: Testing frantic / beta discussion thread

Post by Target » Sat Jun 27, 2015 2:13 am

I played under a bunch of names years ago, Phoenix42 for the longest stretch I think. Occasionally I'll have a look in just to see what's happening with the game.

I just wanted to post to say, although it's nice to see TVS is still going... I think this planned cash incentive business is daft. Any money that has been put together would surely be better spent on a complete overhaul of the game, finding a way to keep the core spirit of it intact but in a new gameplay format that is more accessible (and more compatible with real life from what I remember), along with a decent facebook app etc. This is the only way you'll properly reach a new and global audience. Telling your mates just isn't going to cut it.

The cash handouts will just end up going to the same 20 or so die hards who still play anyway. Highly unlikely new players are going to even have a shot at them up against those who have been playing for years and know all the odds (and thus have far better survivability and will power to make every tick).

Also why the new report to HW whenever you level up? How are any battles meant to be sustained/happen if the few pilots a legion has have to be tied down to their HW like that in order to progress. (keep in mind I haven't played in years so I'm easily wrong, but from the outside it sounds odd).

Anyway, that's my contribution. I can't see myself playing again but I wish those that still do a fun and fair game (until the inevitable tri-nap and bitterness from loosing your ship too many times sets in xD)

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Re: Testing frantic / beta discussion thread

Post by ecvej » Tue Aug 30, 2016 8:27 pm

iceblink wrote:
ecvej wrote:You can now specify human readable times in your comms that will be interpreted in the local timezone for all users. Just type the time / date you want to appear in the comm between [time] bbcodes. Some examples are below.

[time]10:30 am[/time] <-- times without a date specified will default to that time today.
[time]tomorrow 9:30[/time] <--- see note below.
[time]+5 minutes[/time] <-- adds a time for 5 minutes after you send the comm.

You can consult http://www.php.net/manual/en/datetime.formats.php if you want more detail on the formats you can use.

Note: Words are interpreted from left to right, meaning "tomorrow 9:30" first sets the date to tomorrow without a time (i.e. defaults to midnight) and then the time to 9:30 as you would expect. However, reversing the terms to "9:30 tomorrow" first sets the time to 9:30 today and then the tomorrow command sets the date to tomorrow without a time (i.e. the result is midnight tomorrow which is not what you'd expect). Not how I would have written the code but that's what the good people at PHP have done.

Please test in your messages.
I'd have expected the time zone feature in the sleep or vacation settings before going as fancy as you mentioned above ;-)
Four years later your feature request has been done :P

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Re: Testing frantic / beta discussion thread

Post by ecvej » Mon Jun 24, 2019 7:20 pm

Some recent changes:
  1. Added the number of online players to the front page
  2. Added the ability to sort logs in both ascending and descending damage / repair order
  3. Added a link to the current game settings to the front page
  4. There are now different levels of {v}eteran tags to be awarded to players
  5. Comm plink is back
  6. Can view online players using the "online" keyword in the rankings
  7. Carrier accept link moved to the top of the page
  8. Ability to use emoji now added to comms and legion news :D
  9. Assorted bug fixes and interface improvements

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