Great game all, especially the Krils

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Lethal Lordz
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Great game all, especially the Krils

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Lethal Lordz wrote:Time to vent.

Well this game got off to a Awesome start i must say. It was close to start with, Jaxed looked strong then lost some ships, Bors rebounded and started to build up. But both these legions ended up bottom two with the Tibs and Krils pulling out in front.

Just after we left Ajaxus recently someone mentioned that the Bors may have napped with the Krils, now i just laughed at this at the time. I thought impossible, after all my years of tvs, seeing scan towers to the good old { V } you used to get ( i never got one because i wasn't a repper :P ) I had never seen a legion nap with the "strongest" legion this early on! well prob have but cant remember, any way this is ridiculous! The Bors and Jaxs are around about the same score and could have had a nice 1v1 battle. Instead i presume the Kril LC ask the Bors if they would side with them in Tibrar? and fight us when we got back. I don't know which legion is more pathetic, the krils who are in number one spot getting help or the Bors that have got them a bullshit lead on everyone now.

Krilgorians are so, so very soft, couldn't fight us by your self and your number one legion that had more points haha wow Ive seen it all!. Not our fault all you have is 3 high lvl reppers. I bet the Krils have some Numblet as LC, because this has been a noobie unfair alliance. I hope this comes back to bite ya's. At least you Krils wont have to run from battles any more hey? With this yellow smelly help you can part with them and be set for a while.

Red = Lame this game

Feels good to get that out.

^ From my other thread i started at the start of the game, i take back a lot of things. APART from that early stupid nap the krils had and the level one's and two's they poached, i just wanted to say GOOD game Krilgore Legion. I guess you's were not that soft just "tactical" :P And Definitely not pathetic! That statement should have been directed at the Jaxs this beta! Blue = Lame this game, after getting an insight into how their Legion command went about their business they were terrible! Nice work reds, you showed everyone how it was done and your LC was defiantly not a nub! I was just glad we could push ya's around a bit at the end of the game! Make you girls and guys work for the win :) We fairly much lost 3 cruisers near the end of the game (me included going into vac) And i knew that's when the momentum had shifted.

And to the Original Tibs you guys and girls rock! I had so much fun playing this game and was due to the fact i was playing with a great bunch of people, and that's what this game has always been about, the community. We fought back into the game valiantly ( thanks x Jaxs and Bors for putting the time into getting revenge back) and had the krils sweating for a bit especially when we smacked out that carrier! They were rattled i think. We were a well oiled green machine full of love hehe.

Thanks peeps for a fun game,
Lots of love Rastafarian.

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Re: Great game all, especially the Krils

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Lethal Lordz wrote: Nice work reds, you showed everyone how it was done and your LC was defiantly not a nub!
Well ty rasta, the tibs were a worthy opponent. Bors just had little activity and the Jax abused that to level up their bombers. The Blues had never had a fair battle till we showed them how its done (no offence, but bombing a fairly empty planet is not the same as battling ;)).

The Tibs and Krils met in the early stages (when Jax were bombing Boraxus) and those were nice fights. You guys amazed me when you killed my full pilot repper in Perosis with hits of 1000+ per shot :shock:

Good to see it ended between those two teams, thanks for the 'dance' at the end.

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