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Postby Clementus » Mon Jun 06, 2011 12:05 am

Though my activity over the "years" has been far less than impressive I've never really given enough time to thanking the coders and those who have worked on the game. More than happy to assist in bug finding but I've found nothing to moan/complain about in the time I have played the game.

With the recent changes the games dynamics have altered though not drastically and the only thing that surprised me in the frantic was how the LC scans could be used on any area not just those which you had someone in. This seemed a little too powerful but did seem to increase the speed of the game and the confidence with which people would make their moves.

Soo the general thing is a big thanks and a mention on how impressive the coding/fluidity of the game is despite me never being able to play it "properly" due to my work.

Keep it up!

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