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Post by chrisso909 »

I would like to ask what is going on.

Ok this is slightly trivial but for some reason somebody has decided to take the call name I have been using for a quite a few beta's now...

Who do I need to talk to in sorting this out because for some reason somebody has now taken my name and I'm back to Chrisso909

does admin have no real control over who really is who??

to be honest I dont think i want to be bumblebee now just because it looks petty to take the name back but this was my callname!
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Re: Bumblebee

Post by ecvej »

I have spoken to Chris direct. For other players reading then the position is as follows:

Your forum nick is reserved and no one else can choose it in game.
If you want to fly as any other nick then it's a first come, first served, basis each game. Therefore even if there's a nick that you use often, someone is free to login before you in a game and use it.
However, if someone is a smart arse and logs in early to pick a nick they know someone else is using regularly then we reserve the right to give the nick to the original user and give the smart arse a name that we think better suits them ;)

Setting up more than one forum account is not allowed. However, we can rename them for you if you want to reserve a different nick.
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