Changes to revamp TVS

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Changes to revamp TVS

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I've read through everything on the dicord thread and I think combining several of the ideas there together into the following series of changes would help revamp the game and move away from the traditional way that the games go (weakest legion get taken out, other legions nap against strongest legion to take out their HW, strongest legions get to decide who wins). I have missed the a decades worth of beta's but this beta went the way of most of the ones I've played previously.

0. Installing scrap on the base adds X h.p to the bases current health and 2X hp to the bases maximum health.
1. Repair ships can use 2 moves and 500 scrap to create a decoy
2. Shooting a regular decoy removes 50% of it's max hitpoint and decloaks and ship shooting it. Explosive decoys remain as they are.
3. Bases start at 60,000/90,000 hp with 6k of scrap in the sector
4. A new captial ship is available called a 'construction ship' which is the repair ship equivalent of a cruiser (i.e 2-3 times multiplier for repairing bombing damage) and is able to hold 10,000 scrap). Its shields and speed are equal to or marginally lower than a cruiser.
5. Repair ships can repair HW/base/space station) if they are on red of yellow shields
6. Repair ships (repper, carrier or construction) can create a space station in any sector other than HWs by using 5,000 scrap and it starts on 5,000/15,000 hp. It needs to be repaired to 10,000/15,000 before it becomes operational.
7. Construction ships can create a Base/Colony in any uninhabited/destroyed homeworld (either their own or another defeated) by using 10,000 scrap and it start on 10,000/30,000 health. It needs to be repped to 20,000/30,000 health before it becomes operational.
8. Once bases are on green shields they can only increase the hp via sector domination.
9. It is possible to release scrap from stores in a homeworld if it has a functioning/operational homeworld or base/colony. This scrap can be collected by ships able to collect scrap. Any scrap in store when a HW or base is destroyed is released into the sector.
10. When collecting scrap a maximum of 1,000 scrap can be collected with a single move.
11. Ships have the option to re-spawned at any operational HW, base/colony or space station belonging to their legion, but their new ship cannot be readied until T+30 the tick after they are destroyed.
11. Once operational a space station counts for the equivalent of 4 ships for sector domination purposes and does pds damage equivalent to 1/3 or a homeworld.
12. Once operational a new base/colony counts for the equivalent of 8 ships for sector domination purposes and does pds damage equivalent to 2/3rds of an original homeworld.
12.5. HWs count for the equivalent of 8 ships for sector domination purposes.
13. Bombers also get their bombing bonus and damage multiplier when attacking space stations and bases/colonies in addition to homeworlds.
14. Once a base/colony or space stations is active it can have scrap added in the same way as for a homeworld.
15. Multiple legions may attempt to build a space station or colony in the same sector, but only the first one to reach green shields will become operational (unless it is subsequently destroyed).
16. Ships will re-spawn 2 levels below their existing level whichever sector they are destroyed in.

The multiple victory modes can be overlaid on this new structure.
1. Last legion to have an active HW/colony wins as per existing game.
2. Winning criteria based upon sector domination. Victory conditions yet to be determined.
3. Winner by total score after 400 ticks if neither 1 or 2 are achieved.

This is a first draft and I'm sure it can be improved upon so comments welcome;-)
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