Attacking Arcade Mode

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Attacking Arcade Mode

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Hi All,

This is what I would call a very out there suggestion but as it went throguh my head thought I'd share it!!Very much simply food for thought so please dont take too seriously!

When attacking other ships, could there be scope to make effectiveness of shots less random and more to do with skill of the player themselves? I was initially thinking the following:

- When clicking on attacking another player, a separate arcade screen is made which has a moving target of the ship/homeworld being attacked
- The attacker still gets a maximum of 5 tries at attacking the moving target
- Accuracy of shot determines the hit points dealt to the target ship
- Higher the level of attacking player, the higher the damage done per shot
- Higher the piloting skill of the target ship, the harder it is to hit
- Level 1 players start off with a pin point cross hair making it difficult to hit the moving target. higher the combat skill of attacking ship, the larger the cross hair to hit moving target

I understand that this type of change could take away from the gameplay itself but as I was thinking of it, I'd love to see what others think!!

Happy hunting everyone



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