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New trivia suggestions

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I thought I saw somewhere a suggestion that more trivia fields were wanted. So here's a few (which may have been made elsewhere before, sorry), they can obviously be ignored at will. ;-)

* Most travelled - Person who's made the greatest number of jumps during the game so far
* Most aggressive - Pilot with the greatest number of attacks during the game so far
* Biggest spanner - Pilot with the greatest number of repairs (on others) during the game so far
* Biggest mouth - Most taunts sent
* Bunny hunter - Most pilots killed at at least three levels below own level
* Bunny - Pilot killed most by pilots at least three levels above own level
* Most cowardly - I can't work out how to measure this one, but we should have it. :-P Something like smallest average proportion of health missing per jump away from a sector containing enemies. So every time someone jumps away from a sector with enemies in it, you keep a running total of their proportionate missing health when they do that and then divide it by the number of times they've done it.
* Biggest traitor - Gone rogue most times during the game

I have to go, but I might try and think of some more later. ;-)

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