Here is a suggestion of a fomula

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Here is a suggestion of a fomula

Post by Durandal » Thu Aug 11, 2011 11:27 pm

Ok so the objective is to allow all players to be able have a chance to be on the same legion with a friend. This will also enable players to "recruit a friend" that doesn't already have an account.

So if a player join a game, before they are given a legion, they get a drop box to choose a single favorite player they want to group with. This could be someone they like the most. However, they can't see the legion they are apart of or the other members in it. They may not be able to join the legion if it has too many players on it. This option should also not be available during the first 10 ticks(?) to allow people to join and the legions to be formed.

This is the proposed fomula

Player chooses player he/she wants to be on a legion with.

If that legion has 4 more players then the legion with the least amount of players then it won't happen.

Also, allow players to "invite a friend" that doesn't already have a tvs account. When it comes to inviting friends from real life or whatever to play, you definitely want them to be on the same team as you always. If that friend has fun during the round and plays the next one. They should join after 10 turns and choose that friend to group with.

This idea still keeps legions diverse as you can not form teams rather then just choose a favorite player/friend to maybe in the next round you can be on the same team again.

just an idea :)

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