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The Violet Sector is a FREE multi-player turn based game. Join a legion and battle against other players from all around the world for domination of the galaxy! Strategise and team up with friendly pilots to dominate sectors and hyper to new areas to beat the enemy.

It's simple to pick up and play at any time throughout the game time, and unlike many other similar games you're playing towards a goal - to destroy all enemies! We don't need to reset the game just to allow new players to catch up. The game will only start again when one side dominates!

You can play the game from any computer with internet access or your mobile phone.

The Violet Sector
::Announcement by Zypher — Tue Jan 12, 2021 11:25 pm:: New Game Jan 15th 6pm GMT

* Move cost variables.

// Moves required to hyper.
define('MOVES_HYPER', 3);

// Moves required to enter / exit carriers and expelling a passenger.
define('MOVES_CARRIER_EXIT', 3);

// Moves required for a self repair.
define('MOVES_SELF_REP', 1);

// Moves required for turning on and off a cloaking device.
define('MOVES_CLOAK', 3);
define('MOVES_DECLOAK', 1);

// Moves required for attacking and repairing other players.
define('MOVES_ATTACK', 1);
define('MOVES_REPAIR', 1);

// Moves required for dumping and retrieving scrap.
define('MOVES_SCRAP_DUMP', 1);

// Moves required for scanning for pickups.
define('MOVES_PICKUP_SCAN', 1);

// Moves for changing ship - should be at least equal to the higher of decloak or carrier exit as it does those things
define('MOVES_SHIP_CHANGE', 5);
define('SHIP_CHANGE_ENABLED', true);
// Number of ticks before a player can change ships (zero for no restriction)
// Score required before a player can change ships (zero for no restriction)
define('SHIP_CHANGE_SCORE', 50000);

* Scrap related settings

// Scrap carrying limit of repairships.
define('SCRAP_LIMIT', 5000);

// Scrap generation rate - normal value 100
define('SCRAP_GEN_RATE', 125);

// Whether dumped scrap goes direct to the HW or to the LC
define('LC_SCRAP_SYSTEM_ENABLED', true);

// Amount of scrap required to create a hyper gate
define('SCRAP_GATE_COST', 20000);

* Rarely changed constants go in this section.

// Number of moves each players gets per tick
define('MOVES_PER_TICK', 5);

// Length of LC elections.
define('ELECTION_LENGTH', 4);

// Number of ticks it takes for vacation mode to start.

// Number of ticks before a player can rogue (again).
define('ROGUE_LENGTH', 40);

// Number of Viceroys allowed.
define('COUNCIL_SIZE', 4);

// Number of players allowed in a squad.
define('SQUAD_SIZE', 20);

// Define HW start size
define('HW_HP', 75000);

// Self repair hit points values - normal values 150 & 250
define('SELF_REP_HP', 150);
define('SELF_REP_HP_CAPITAL', 250);

// Whether the outer ring is in the game
define('OUTER_RING', true);

::Announcement by Zypher — Mon Oct 19, 2020 12:44 am:: New Beta Oct 23, 2020 6pm GMT

See ya there.

Not sure how turn out will be I have turned off OR for now.

::Announcement by iceblink — Sun Jul 12, 2020 6:31 pm:: New Beta Monday July 13th 9am BST

Changes this game include:
  1. Increased scrap cost for generating special gates.
  2. Roid anomaly won't appear as early.
  3. Ship changes limited to once every 40 ticks and costs 2 moves.
  4. Homeworlds set to 100,000 hit points.
General game configuration can be seen at

::Announcement by Zypher — Fri Jun 05, 2020 6:42 pm:: Beta Starting June 12, 2020 12pm GMT

Changes for beta:

Being Destroyed
-When you die outside your HW you come back 2 levels lower than you were, i.e. level 4 goes to level 2, level 5 goes to level 3 and cruisers go to level 4

-Increased scrap generation in UCS
-NSA staying the same
-The asteroid field will now slowly generate scrap as well.

Ship Changing Feature
-The ship swap feature will be available, but you can only change once every 16 turns.

Legion assignment
-Adjusted to lean more towards lowest or weakest legion

Bombing bonus points
-When bombing empty HWs bombing bonus points removed when no enemy ships present

::Announcement by iceblink — Sat Apr 25, 2020 6:57 pm:: Tara's bar reopening sale

Tara's bar has been renovated and re-opened on Discord!

The link is on the main page or you can access at: